The Doogie Schanuzer Check Up

Spring is Finally here … but so are the fleas. Flea prevention and protection is an important part of your pet’s health care. Negligence can lead to further problems and bigger vet bills. Be sure to consult with your vet on the best way to treat your pooch for fleas so that they can enjoy the nice weather too!

Rover recommends …

Here is a list of safe toys that dogs love:

  1. Kong – It’s a modern classics with many uses
  2. Nylabone Dental Dinosaur – Great alternative to rawhide or bones
  3. Push-n-Play – Just a big ball that dogs love to her around the yard
  4. Ball on a String* – Great for interactive play or training. Helps focus drive.
  5. Tug* – Tug From a small recall tug to reward obedience to a long “bite tube” for tug-o-war. This is a great way to interact and play or train your dog.

Here is the Scoop…

Here is the Scoop…

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From the Top Dog

Welcome to Poop B Gone – Long Island’s #1 pet waste removal service! We at Poop B Gone are dedicated to providing our customers with professional, reliable and friendly service and take pride in taking care of your pet’s needs.

We’ll puck up after your dog so you don’t get “pooped” doing it yourself.

Our services can be obtained on a weekly, twice a week or monthly basis, in which we will come to your house to remove your pet’s waste. Call us today, or visit our visit our website for more information!

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Mike Micheline – President